UV Stable Flooring

UV StableBeware of outdoor floors that yellow in the sun!

Seamless stone flooring has been successfully installed in South Africa for eight years and almost 30 years worldwide; however, the popularity of the product, driven by hard economic times, has seen the introduction of many similar but cheaper products.

Jeremy Stewart of Quartz Carpet says he is confident of his product but concerned that the introduction of inferior-quality products will affect this flooring category.

Dale Nicolay of Glasscote Resins cautions that specifiers are end-users and one should be aware and careful of people saying they are something they are not. The polyurethane binder, which is used in the Quartz Carpet system is a 100% UV-stable binder, without any additives or extenders used to cheapen the cost of the resin, and which may cause it to yellow or disband over time.

“Quartz Carpet is guaranteed to be a  100% UV-stable flooring system. The raw materials are fully imported and made specifically for us under our direction and licence”, confirms Stewart.

“Epoxy-based systems will yellow when applied externally and are therefore only suitable for indoor use” he says. “Anyone thinking of using these materials should always ask whether the product is UV stable, and for how long, or whether it is an epoxy or polyurethane system. Laboratory test results will also provide the proof that is required in making this judgement”.

“Our independent test results have shown that cheaper is not better. Although we know their results, we do not know what is going into the other products,” Stewart says.

“Thankfully, architects and designers usually do their homework and most people know that a bargain needs to be studied to prove it is indeed a bargain”.

“Not only is Quartz Carpet still the fastest growing flooring system worldwide, it is now available at far cheaper rates than ever before because of the increased technology and buying power leveraged locally”, he concludes.

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