Seamless Flooring Systems – Training Road Show


The Seamless Flooring Systems Training Roadshow is complete and we are proud to announce that we now have another 75 newly trained, able and willing Applicators for Quartz Carpet, Fine Grain Flooring” and Seamless Safety Rubber Flooring

Our Training Team went on a spectacular trip through South Africa. The starting point was Cape Town, on to Bloemfontein and Johannesburg, then Durban and a final stop in George. We had a great audience, all wanting to undergo our in-depth training on all application methods of natural quartz stone and rubber flooring. There was a good mix of those with great skills required for screeding, those with a slight knowledge and those just willing to jump in and learn! At the end of our training all candidates understood the difference between 2-3mm Quartz Carpet, Fine Grain Flooring, EPDM Rubber and Recycled Rubber flooring. Best of all – they all have certificates of competence to show for their hard labour.

From the moment the Seamless Flooring Systems Training Roadshow hit the road, until the moment it ended, it was an exciting journey teaching new people all aspects of our different flooring systems. They learnt the value of using our UV stable resins, especially formulated for the harsh South African climate and the quality of our naturally tumbled stone and our world class EPDM rubber.

Each day brought its own challenges, which were met with enthusiasm and conquered by the Applicators, with their newly gained knowledge of trowelling natural stone onto horizontal and vertical surfaces. The rubber mixing machine was put to good use with Applicators using both Recycled and EPDM coloured rubber in the training. Days ended on good notes with lessons well learned.

Our team arrived home after a month on the road, happy to know that many more customers will be able to have our natural quartz (Quartz Carpet and Fine Grain Flooring), EPDM and Recycled Rubber flooring installed nationwide, by our increased network of expert Applicators.



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