Hygienic Flooring that is non-slip and beautiful

Quartz Carpet has been used successfully by Source Interior Brand Architects for the Arabella Hotel Spa, the Westin Grand Spa and now also for 15 on Orange, the new Yema Spa.

“The surface was chosen for the benefits it provides by being hygienic and non-slip, and for aesthetic reasons”, says Evon Smuts, director of Source Interiors.

“When using Quartz Carpet it is also important to get the slopes correct and to provide movement joints”, she says. “but we are delighted with the product. The look is soft, relaxing and luxurious and the stones feel great underfoot”. The hygienic aspects of a spa are extremely important as people are very conscious of walking barefoot in a public area for fear of skin diseases such as athlete’s foot. But the hydrotherapy area requires that people do attend in bare feet.

Prior to installation, samples of Quartz Carpet were sent to Germany for testing. The results were fantastic, as it is hard to find a flooring surface which passes these audits.

The test results – which were for staphylococcus aureus; yeast and mould and E-Coli or Coliform enumeration – proved that the Quartz Carpet surfaces can be effectively cleaned and sanitized, and that no micro-organisms were adhering to the internal parts of the floor. A pore-filled application was chosen for the spa areas. The non-slip aspect is also very important in public wet areas.

Source Interiors has used Quartz Carpet with success for a few vertical applications as well, although there are more limitations in this respect.

The maintenance department of the Westin Grand says that no problems have been encountered with cleaning and that the floors are regularly scrubbed with a broom and a fragrant detergent and then hosed down, usually to remove soapy residues.

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